Outdoor Fire Tables Style

Stylish Outdoor Fire Tables
Stylish Outdoor Fire Tables
Jun 5th

Outdoor Fire Tables – A patio table and a fire pit in the center adds warmth, light and visual appeal of your outdoor entertaining atmosphere. Most of these tables use propane for heat, but also come with a conversion kit for natural gas. A few outdoor fire tables have no gas connection, but come with an iron pot for containing a wood fire. Add an extra iron bowl to use as an ice chest when it is too warm for a fire. Place the table in a safe, flat and stable place outdoors, away from flammable materials and construction, and with adequate ventilation. Place the burner even in the midst of the fire pit. Pull the regulator hose through the opening in the fire pit, making stabbing ball valve opening.
Connect the regulator hose to the tank valve; make sure the cylinder valve is closed before starting. Tighten the connection. Do not leave a key to use. Fill the burner with embers and lava stone at the table. Place the logs on the embers, making your desired effect. Open the tank valve and ball valve completely, turning it counterclockwise. Light the burner with a grill lighter lit match or a detonator if available on your model. Close the tank valve and ball valve completely, turning clockwise when you’re done with the fire pit part of the table. Cover and protect your outdoor fire tables when not in use.
.During the day, when it is bright and warm, you can use the fire pit table as an ordinary patio table. Remove the gas logs and set them aside. Spray the table with cleaner. Use a soft cloth to wipe the entire table, including the table, fire bowl and table legs. Wipe the gas logs, soft, with a damp cloth. Replace them in the fire bowl. Keep the lid on the fire bowl when not in use, and keep your table in a covered area, so do not fill the fire bowl with water in the event of rain or snow. If it is not filled with water, drain the water as fast as possible and dry the entire table with a clean towel. Use common sense and basic fire safety rules when burning your outdoor fire tables.

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