Modern Chandeliers Design Ideas

Modern Chandelier Design Ideas
Modern Chandelier Design Ideas
Jun 3rd

Modern Chandeliers РModern chandeliers were used as main light source in homes and churches until the discovery of electricity. Most houses had a chandelier in all its rooms. Used in religious ceremonies, the traditional seven-branched candelabrum meant the seven days of creation and was used in many services such as baptisms and weddings. Hanukkah menorah has nine arms. Eight candles are lit every night to represent the burning of oil for one day. The ninth one in the middle, gives birth to the other.
A chandelier has many candle holders who meet on a pedestal, the main types are table and ceiling. One table is 12 to 14 inches (30.48 cm to 45.72 cm) high, and supports two to eight candles. The ceiling may be up to 4 feet (121.92 cm) with 20 carriers. The modern chandeliers hall, commonly holds three candles, and is used at weddings. The ranges of finishes ranging from the practice of wrought iron and pewter to the more expensive solid brass and silver.
A chandelier was originally built using the cheapest method of modeling thin sheets of silver that were in cracks and holes. At the end of 1700 they improved techniques and replaced them by a solid silver. The arms were unscrewed from the base to be polished. Different styles of arms could unite to change the look of the piece. The final little piece mounted on top could be removed and used to extinguish the candles. Modern chandeliers are made with a sophisticated variation of the method of melting solid.

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